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Ketchum's catchSUCCESS Training Program is a suite of services designed to help emerging and established leaders prepare to communicate efficiently with any audiences
in the era of never-ending change.
We equip business leaders and professionals with carefully created tools and techniques to ensure they are prepared to communicate effectively to any type of audiences under any circumstances.

What makes Ketchum the right partner to help leaders capture and amplify success?

Our agency boasts one of the strongest teams in the industry, with professionals whose long experience and deep expertise cover all areas of communications and public affairs.

We combine the global expertise of our network with an in-depth knowledge of the Russian market in order to create efficient and effective training programs that work best for our clients – emerging and established leaders from across all industries and disciplines.
Personal media engagement can be intimidating to even the most experienced executive. Our Media Readiness sessions provide participants with the tools, tips and techniques needed to survive and thrive under media pressure.

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Our series of digital communications trainings cover many aspects of this fast-growing and cutting-edge market, including the insights and pitfalls of social media strategy and how to cooperate with bloggers and influencers.

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When it comes to crisis communications (both internal and external) our goal is to ensure leaders can say yes to the simple, human question "Am I READY?" by confidently understanding what is required of them when their companies are under fire.
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We believe that only one thing stands between strategy and results: YOUR PEOPLE. If you want to keep your business healthy and growing in today's complicated environment, you need to communicate about change in a timely and precise manner.

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Ketchum develops every media training individually upon request, taking into account
the media experience of the speakers and typical crisis situations which they have to deal with.
In addition, they practice key skills needed for communications with the press.
The main advantage of the training lies in the agency's expertise and the unique knowledge
accumulated within 25 years of Ketchum's experience in the field of public relations.
Their focus on practical skills is another great benefit.
As a result of the training, participants master not only the basics of media communications,
but also receive individual recommendations developed on the basis of psychological
and behavioral features of a particular speaker.
It's important to notice the friendly atmosphere of trust
created by the coaches during the sessions.

Natalia Kostyukovich
Head of External and Internal Communications,
Corporate Communications at VolkswagenGroup Rus

Excellent facilitation in English, thoughtful, responsible and creative approach.
Ketchum's detailed knowledge of pharmacological business enabled their team to develop a successful training scenario with tailor-made emphases on those particular aspects that are important for us.
Special thanks for staging videos and calls – this element was very well prepared and executed as well as the «actors'» play. Calls, dialogue scripts and intonations – I was impressed by everything!
Environmental, Health, Safety & Sustainability Manager
Business Contin
uity Plan Lead
International pharmaceutical company

Within a short time frame Ketchum's experts prepared and delivered a media relations training for Adidas' key speakers.
The training participants learned how to talk to journalists in a fluent and confident way thanks to the program tailored to our needs, trainers' deep understanding of media trends, interesting and up-to-date cases, as well as recommendations based on Ketchum's global expertise and local specifics.
We were impressed by the training as well as its results and are pleased that the skills gained over this session substantially help our speakers during their media engagements.
Eugene Karasev
Director, Brand Communications Director & PR
I would like to thank Ketchum team for an interesting and useful training on social media management.
Agency's experts selected the content and exercises which fully met our needs and were answering our numerous questions during the training session.
My colleagues liked this experience a lot. They appreciated that they learned some new and unexpected information and also found affirmation of their intuitive actions.
Svetlana Artemyeva
Head of External Communications
AUCHAN Retail Russia
Phone: +7 495 664 28 88
Moscow, Prechistenskaya emb. 45/1 bld.4
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