Crisis Simulation
in Digital Environment
In today's always-on, social media-driven world, have you mastered the art of balancing empathy and action in a crisis?
WHAT is it all about?
This simulation is all about testing key crisis skills, such as strategy setting and messaging, in a private digital environment. Our system is at the cutting edge of digital crisis preparedness and resilience, delivering high-quality training tailored to a range of experience levels, which can challenge even the strongest teams.
WHO is the audience?
C-suite crisis management and communication teams consisting of executives from various business lines (CEO, Heads of Business Units, Sales and Marketing, Legal, Finance, HR, PR, Customer Service, Logistics, IT, etc.)
WHY participate?
The participants will immerse themselves in a "real-life" crisis that tests senior teams' decision making, their media response and how they adapt and tailor their strategy.

The proprietary digital environment allows for hands-on interactive crisis simulations that help executives protect their companies' reputations online and enhance the digital crisis resilience of their management teams.

Participants will get a report that details the participation team's response, key lessons and learnings, and any areas to review and improve on.
HOW is it delivered?
The crisis fast-forwards to challenge the participating team with new developments and inputs as the scenario plays out and escalates.

At each stage the scenario will include a range of inputs from VK-, OK-, Facebook-like, Twitter-style, social media posts, media calls, internal emails and external stakeholder enquiries, to name a few.

The platform will accurately reflect your company's current social media channels and recreate social media scenarios that range from the scrutiny and pressure of a live local crisis to an escalated global issue across multiple platforms.
WHAT is the price?
catchCONFIDENCE.Crisis Simulation in Digital Environment (group workshop for up to 15 people from one company, 3 hours) – from 280 000 rubles + VAT (agency fee)

Cost for accessing the proprietary digital platform starts from 500 000 rubles (the final estimate depends on amount of customization needed)

Please contact us for access to a demo version of our proprietary digital system for crisis simulation.
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Drill on Crisis
Management Procedure
How confident are you in yourself and your crisis management team's efficiency?
WHAT is it all about?
This tabletop exercise focuses primarily on critical communications and related decision-making that executives should implement following a corporate crisis communications procedure.
WHO is the audience?
Cross-sector crisis management business teams encompassing executives from a wide range of disciplines (CEO, Heads of Business Units, Sales & Marketing, Legal, Finance, HR, PR, Customer Service, Logistics, IT, etc.)
WHY participate?
The participants will learn

  • How they react in an emergency/issues & crisis situation
  • If they are knowledgeable about and comfortable in their crisis management roles during the crisis situation
  • How to work efficiently as ONE cross-sector crisis management business team

The session will cover all the audiences companies are going to face in real life, including employees, investors, local communities, government officials, journalists, the general business community and other professionals – and include related simulation exercises in the training scenario.
HOW is it delivered?
A "real-life" crisis will play out for participants via various inputs, such as social media posts, media calls, internal emails and external stakeholder enquiries.

Participants will go through all stages of crisis management in real time mode – from initial response to incident management to operations recovery.

Our experienced crisis communications experts will evaluate participants' understanding of their crisis management procedure as well as their crisis skills based on specially developed scoring tools.
WHAT is the price?
catchCONFIDENCE.Table-Top Crisis Drill (group workshop for up to 15 people from one company, 4 hours) – from 220 000 rubles + VAT
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catchCONFIDENCE.Facing Media in crisis
Do you have the confidence, tools and techniques to handle even the most aggressive media engagement?
WHAT is it all about?
It's a boot camp to get the speakers ready for communicating under pressure, developed around the specific risks of your company and industry.
WHO is the audience?
Managers who will be facing the press and have to protect company's reputation under fire.
WHY participate?
You will learn to:

  • Recognize media threats across different crisis scenarios
  • Follow the company's guidelines and accurately deliver appropriate key messages to target audiences
  • Answer unpleasant, dangerous and undesirable questions while controlling emotions
  • The workshop covers individual recommendations, including speaking patterns, body language, emotional resilience, etc.
HOW is it delivered?
The workshop usually combines:

  • Lessons learned based on real-life cases from the industry's experience
  • Review of do's and don'ts of crisis communications
  • Exercises to handle media pressure while a crisis scenario unwinds – by phone, in front of a TV camera or during a mock-up press briefing

Premium offering: This training can be delivered in cooperation with a certified public speaking coach, who would address complex psychological barriers and/or other areas for the speakers' personal improvements.
WHAT is the price?
catchCONFIDENCE. Practicum (group workshop for up to 6 participants from one company, 3 hours) – from 110 000 rubles + VAT
catch.CONFIDENCE.Practicum Intensive (group workshop for up 12 participants from one company, full day – 9 hours, incl. breaks) – from 160 000 rubles + VAT

Price quotes for individual tailor-made workshop & premium offering (delivered in collaboration with public speaking coach) are available upon request
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Public Affairs Consultant
Being both a Finance Director and a public affairs consultant at the Agency, Cathy brings together a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the area of operational, legal, ethical, societal and technological aspects of regulating a communications crisis. She is passionate about designing new systems that tackle problems fast and is known for keeping people aligned, engaged and motivated - no matter how big the challenge is.
Consultant, Change & Internal Communications
Nadezhda has significant experience in organizing trainings for various internal audiences – from trainees to top managers – of major international companies. She has developed and delivered workshops of various formats within onboarding programs for new employees, as well as training sessions on the creation and usage of internal communication tools for a variety of corporate challenges.
Consultant, Internal & Change Communications
Anna's major areas of expertise include implementation of communication strategies, executive visibility, and reputation management. Anna's track record covers delivering trainings on media relations and crisis simulations for leading companies operating in industrial, financial, pharmaceutical and other sectors. As the lead of the agency's Change Communications Practice Anna develops every training with the purpose to spearhead its participants' growth – both personal and professional.
Phone: +7 495 664 28 88
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