This workshop walks executives through the "golden rules" they need to know before talking to media.
WHAT is it all about?
Equipping your media-facing executives with carefully distilled facts on Russia's media landscape, including how it works and how to approach it.
WHO is the audience?
Media-facing executives as well as professionals who need to have a better understanding of the modern media landscape and golden rules of working efficiently with journalists.
WHY participate?
Participants will learn about:

  • Key facts, figures and recent trends in the mass media market
  • Specific aspects of federal and local media outlets' work, their preferred topics and areas of interest (this element can be specifically tailored to your company's business area upon request)
  • Intensive connections between traditional media and social networks
  • Particularities of various media engagements, including interviews and brief comments (for print, on camera, for radio)
  • What to expect and how to come prepared for press events – conferences, briefings, media lunches
HOW is it delivered?
The material is delivered in a lecture format flavored with:
- glocal cases
- interactive discussions
- lively Q&A sessions.
WHAT is the price?
Group workshop for one company (up to 12 participants, up to 3 hours) – from 70 000 rubles + VAT
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Let's start practicing! This workshop is developed specifically for media-facing executives who need to prepare for the most common types of media engagements
WHAT is it all about?
It is all about getting any company's speakers ready for the most common types of media engagements: TV stand-up comments, phone interviews and one-on-one "on the record" interviews.
WHO is the audience?
Any company's executives who need to appear in front of media to deliver the company's position.
WHY participate?
Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize various types of interviewers and react in accordance with their personal style
  • Concentrate and accurately convey information to journalists, in full accordance with the company's business needs
  • Identify and fend off psychological and verbal tricks that journalists use to seize the initiative
HOW is it delivered?
This workshop usually combines:

• Specifics about the Russian media landscape and journalistic types
• Commonly used interview techniques and tricks
• Individual and group exercises for practicing TV stand-up comments, phone interviews, on the spot face-to-face interviews and press briefings (practicing accounts for 60% of the training time)
WHAT is the price?
catchMEDIA.Practicum – from 90 000 rubles + VAT
Group workshop for one company (up to 6 participants, 5 hours, incl. breaks)

catchMEDIA.Practicum.Intensive – from 135 000 rubles + VAT
Group workshop for one company (up to 6 participants, 9 hours = full day, incl. breaks)

Individual tailor-made workshop
upon request
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Corporate, Change & Internal Communications
Anna's major areas of expertise include implementation of communication strategies, executive visibility, and reputation management. Her track record covers delivering trainings on media relations and crisis simulations for leading companies operating in industrial, financial, pharmaceutical and other sectors. As the lead of the agency's Change Communications Practice Anna develops every training with the purpose to spearhead its participants' growth – both personal and professional.
Phone: +7 495 664 28 88
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