Public Affairs & Crisis Communications
Being both a Finance Director and a public affairs consultant at Ketchum Moscow, Cathy brings together a unique combination of knowledge and experience in the area of operational, legal, ethical, societal and technological aspects of regulating a communications crisis. She is passionate about designing new systems that tackle problems fast and is known for keeping people aligned, engaged and motivated – no matter how big the challenge is.
Corporate, Change & Internal Communications
Anna's major areas of expertise include implementation of communication strategies, executive visibility, and reputation management. Her track record covers delivering trainings on media relations and crisis simulations for leading companies operating in industrial, financial, pharmaceutical and other sectors. As the lead of the agency's Change Communications Practice Anna develops every training with the purpose to spearhead its participants' growth – both personal and professional.
Change & Internal Communications
Nadezhda has significant experience in organizing trainings for various internal audiences – from trainees to top managers – of major international companies. She has developed and delivered workshops of various formats within onboarding programs for new employees, as well as training sessions on the creation and usage of internal communication tools for a variety of corporate challenges.
Digital Communications
Igor is responsible for the development and implementation of digital strategies and influencer liaision for various brands. His love for digital trends and tools allows Igor to stay on the top of the constantly changing world of digital communications, and share this information with colleagues and clients in a variety of formats: from daily digital digest to trainings, workshops and university lectures.
Integrated Communications & SMM
Nikita's major area of expertise is development and execution of strategic communication campaigns involving traditional PR, SMM, influencer relations and sponsored media projects. He is convinced that integrated communications covering the full spectrum of PESO – Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media channels – are the only way to building dynamic win-win relations with any company's audience.
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