Convince Sceptics
and Receive Support
Change will never be slower than it is today.
Take a minute and think whether you, your team, your function, or your organization is ready for that – and create your optimal change communications strategy with us.
WHAT is it all about?
From Awareness to Advocacy: how to create a change communication plan to convince skeptics among the employees inside your company and receive your business team's support in the era of constant changes.
WHO is the audience?
Change leaders and their teams (heads of business functions) who plan to undergo a significant transformation together.
WHY participate?
Participants will learn:

  • The key factors of a successful change communications plan
  • Methods of effectively convincing your audiences
  • Practical steps to be taken for great results
HOW is it delivered?
This workshops includes two parts:

  • In the first part – focused on best practices – our change communications experts will showcase the key stages of creating a communication plan
  • In the second – the practical one – participants will become change managers and develop a similar plan themselves.
WHAT is the price?
catchCHANGE (group workshop for up to 15 people from one company, 3 hours) – from 90 000 rubles + VAT
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Consultant, Change & Internal Communications
Nadezhda has significant experience in organizing trainings for various internal audiences – from trainees to top managers – of major international companies. She has developed and delivered workshops of various formats within onboarding programs for new employees, as well as training sessions on the creation and usage of internal communication tools for a variety of corporate challenges.
Consultant, Corporate, Internal & Change Communications
Anna's major areas of expertise include implementation of communication strategies, executive visibility, and reputation management. Anna's track record covers delivering trainings on media relations and crisis simulations for leading companies operating in industrial, financial, pharmaceutical and other sectors. As the lead of the agency's Change Communications Practice Anna develops every training with the purpose to spearhead its participants' growth – both personal and professional.
Phone: +7 495 664 28 88
Moscow, Prechistenskaya emb. 45/1 bld.4
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